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Followup on Chapman's Legal Services to Pawtucket

In a followup to our story regarding City Manager Timothy Chapman rendering legal services to Pawtucket. The Independent Townie has come into possession of a letter from Pawtucket City Solicitor Frank Milos to Pawtucket City Council President David Moran in response to the Pawtucket City Council's request for more information on the cost of legal services.

The letter states that prior to September, the Law Office of William J. Conley Jr. had assisted on the transfer station case. Then in September Timothy Chapman began representing the city. Conley and Chapman worked together in the East Providence Law Department for several years and both rented office space in the same building in Riverside for several years as well.

According to the letter, Chapman makes an rate of $175 an hour and has not yet submitted a bill to Pawtucket at this time. As City Manager in East Providence, Chapman makes a salary of $149,645 plus benefits.

The response to the issue has been divided, with Councilwoman Sousa stating she felt it was an issue and vocal online commentator Nick Williams taking an opposing view. At this time no formal discussion or action has been taken by the the City Council.