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The Independent Townie encourages the sharing of opinions by community figures and residents from a variety of viewpoints. Opinion pieces can be sent to


Editorials are opinion pieces written by the editorial team of The Independent Townie.


The Managing Editor and Editorial Board may approve strong contributors with a willingness to submit regular work as regular columnists. Columnists have to agree to a regular schedule of contributions. 

Long form opinion pieces written by community figures, particularly those with specified knowledge of the subject. We will publish Opinion Editorials as our news and opinion rotation allows and we reserve the right to not publish too many editorials espousing a particular viewpoint to present a balanced view. Opinion Editorials should be between 500 and 1,000 words.

Letters to the Editor are reader submissions of up to 500 words. Letters can be in response to news articles or other opinion pieces or just local issues of the day. We normally do not share Letters to the Editor on social media.