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Council Approves New High School, Voters Will Decide in November

While the 2018 ballot remains uncertain for the 2018 City Council hopefuls, it just had one more item added. At a special meeting of the City Council last night (April 5th), the Council approved, 5-0 a resolution to move a bond referendum to the next stage. The high school proposal will now proceed to the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE), the state Board of Education and eventually to the voters this fall. The Council will have more work to do as a formal bond ordinance will need to be approved per the city's charter.

The Council heard first from the state appointed fiscal advisor, Paul Luba, who is nearing the end of his term in East Providence. Luba took the Council through the fiscal impact of the high school on the five year plan. While Luba cautioned that the city would need to manage its finances carefully, he did not caution against the proposal. The high school would raise the projected tax increases in the five year plan, a proposal to smooth out the increases,…
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E.P. Democratic City Committee Announces Endorsements

April 24, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE East Providence Democratic City Committee C/o Julie Silva, Corresponding Secretary East Providence, RI 02914
EPDCC Announces Endorsement for 2018 Election
The East Providence Democratic City Committee met under the direction of Chairman John Faria with a large member turnout on Monday, April 23, 2018 at 6:30pm at the Riviera Inn Restaurant located at 580 North Broadway, East Providence, RI 02914 for the sole purpose of our April Business Meeting and Candidate Night. At this meeting we deferred from our regular meeting format and gave each Democratic Candidate running for State & Local office an opportunity to give a presentation and Q&A’s during a 15 minute time slot. All candidates were well received and found the committee interested with strong questions for each office presented.
The East Providence Democratic City Committee voted for endorsements on that evening. Together we look forward to having a very productive election year with s…

Will Nasty LED Discussion Mean 'Lights Out' for a City Official?

Perhaps the most bizarre matter to come out of the LED streetlight discussion was one of Assistant City Solicitor Dylan Conley's reasons for not being able to "drive forward" the LED matter.

In a memo that he passed out to the City Council and made available publicly as well as in his public statement, Conley cited an investigation into Councilman Brian Faria, who represents Ward 4. The memo stated " was determined that the complaints and allegations dealt with the creation of a hostile work environment, possible violations of the City Charter § 2-12... and accordingly, Rhode Island General Laws §28-50-1 et seq, The Rhode Island Whistle Blowers Protection Act."

Section 2-12 of the City Charter relates to interference in the daily administration of the city including directing employees. Violating Section 2-12 is considered a misdemeanor and someone found guilty is removed from the Council. Historically Section 2-12 has been difficult to enforce. It was al…

LED Streetlight Petition May Not Happen After All

"The lawyer's truth is not Truth, but consistency or a consistent expediency."
- Henry David Thoreau

As was the case at the previous Council meeting, the topic of the LED petition was again a controversial matter with pointed criticism between Councilman Brian Faria and Assistant City Solicitor Dylan Conley, a City Council appointee.

At the start, Faria explained his interest in the project since he was elected, but that he became very passionate about it after the death of a colleague of his daughter, who was struck by a vehicle while riding his bike in a poorly lit area.

Faria brought up how frustrated he was at the previous meeting. "I'm a team player, I would ask what is the LED streetlight update" Faria opined "What we really need is good communication between council members and the law department." Faria then called up Assistant City Solicitor Dylan Conley with an update on the matter.

"I took the time to watch the last Council meeting…

Come See the Reptiles at Riverside Library! Two Shows - Thursday, April 19th

Learn about mammals, reptiles and amphibians by Dave Marchetti!  All ages welcome.  Riverside Library
Thursday, April 19th
1st Show - 2pm
2nd show - 3pm

Phillips Street Hall Portuguese Feast - May 18th - 20th

Come enjoy Portuguese music, food and fun!
Weekend of May 18th - 20th
51 North Phillips Street
East Providence, RI 02914